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Victor P. Avis D.D.S. 15 St. Pauls Avenue Staten Island, New York 10301 (718) 816-5200





















Dr. Victor P. Avis, D.D.S.

15 St. Pauls Avenue

Staten Island, NY 10301

fax: 718-228-7744
Office Hours
Monday       8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Tuesday       8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Wednesday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Thursday    9:30 am - 4:00 pm
Saturday     8:00 am - 1:00 pm

Friday and Sunday


                  A long overdue "Thank You" to Avis Dental........I would like to share the great experience I had at Avis Dental. After years of playing hockey I was in the market for extensive dental work, implants, extractions, etc. I had the choice of many dentists. I decided to go with Avis Dental for several important reasons. From the minute I arrived, all of his staff made me feel at ease. They never made me wait for my appointment. Dr. Avis explained all of the procedures in detail and I knew exactly what to expect with every visit. He gave a follow up call in the evening of each visit to see how I was doing and made himself available for any adjustments that were needed. My procedures were painless and at times there were two and three assistants waiting on me. Throughout the entire year and a half process, I had solid temporary bridges that were functional and attractive. But the final product is the best reason for you to go to Avis Dental. My new smile is natural and beautiful!!! What do you think???
These last 2 years spent with braces have not been easy (no pain, no gain!), but being part of Avis Dental has made it a wonderful experience. I never felt as though I was just another patient, because the wonderful staff always made me fee...l like I was a part of the family! Not only did I get beautifully straight and healthy teeth, I also got to know some really great people in the process! Thank you so much to all of the staff, especially Dr. Avis! I can honestly say I look forward to every visit!
Walking out of the office today knowing I will only be back for cleanings is definitely ranked in the top five of saddest moments in my life. The past 17 months [and 5 days ] of the roller coaster that is Braces were nothing short of a ple...asure. The care and concern of all staff members was and forever will be extraordinary.
 Being a part of the Avis Dental family has been an exceptional experience. Thank you so much for taking care of me, making my teeth beautiful and perfectly straight, and for making it the most fun and painless process ever. I love and miss you all, already, and I cannot wait until my next appointment!
Dear Dr. Avis and Staff,

It had been far too long since I last saw a dentist. I was so nervous as I drove down Victory and made the right turn onto St. Paul's. Nervous and embarrassed that I had let my oral health get so out of hand. But as soon as I entered your lobby I got such a warm greeting from Kim and Dawn that my anxiety almost vanished. They actually had me laughing as I went back for my x-rays! Gladys and Jeanne were so kind and patient with me and spent extra time to reassure me that all would be well. 
And Dr. Avis thank you for all the time you spent with me again reassuring me and explaining in detail the treatment plan necessary to bring my smile back. I am thankful for everyone's patience, skill, and professionalism, but I am overwhelmed and most grateful for your kindness and grace. I never thought I'd say this, but I am actually looking forward to my next visit! My best to you all......Steve
From  Dawn :
I would love to share my Avis Dental experience with all my friends on Facebook.
 I had an appointment with Dr. Avis last week. It was Totally awesome and then even more awesome as my visit went on. I felt the Avis Dental team genuinely cared from the front desk to the dental assistants and to a very compassionate Dr Avis. I have never in my life experienced a dental visit like this one. I felt so... comfortable and at ease. I never had a dental exam like I had with Dr Avis in my life.
I am so happy to have walked into his office last week. I kept saying in my head did I just spend over two hours at the dentist office.

I did and want everyone to know!

You deserve the best care and deserve to meet the most compassionate staff and Dr. Avis
I have been to so many dentists on the Staten Island so I have had many experiences not in my favor.
I highly recommend Dr Avis .
May I add Kim your a sweetheart.
It wouldn't be fair if I didn't share my experience and recommend Dr. Avis with all my friends and family.
Urcinoli Dawn



Dear Dr. Avis and Staff


First I would like to thank you and your wonderful staff for changing my opinion of going to the dentist. Over the years I have formed a dread of my dental visits. I had a tooth that geve me constant pain for many years and a solution could not be found. I had much work done with virtually no explanation of the services and no solution to my pain. Aside from being very confusing it was a very unpleasant experience.

After the first visit to your office, meeting you and your wonderful staff, I can honestly say I am not afraid to go to my appointments at your office. You always make sure I fully understand what needs to be done and very clearly show a clear plan of care. You very quickly found the cause of my fifteen years of dental pain and offered solutions. I can honestly say it is wonderful to be pain free.

It is a pleasure being greeted by your wonderful staff upon arrival and treated as a VIP throughout your services. They are knowledgeable, always thoughtful and considerate, and make this a very personalized experience. Your commitment to the community and your clients by providing educational seminars is also greatly appreciated.

Dr. Avis, you are very reassuring while you are with your patients and make dental care a painless experience and you make sure everything is fully explained and understood, which makes it much less frightening. Your post procedure calls are very reassuring of your care and concern.

I thank you and all the staff for an “almost” enjoyable day at the dentist!

Your Grateful Client

Vicki Samulski



  The care at Avis Dental is outstanding, always helpful and caring. They treat everyone as extended family. After 50 years of being a patient, I can really say they all care about their patients.
What do you like best about this office?
The relaxed and friendly atmosphere of everyone - willing to help - from setting up appointments to making payments.
How can we provide a better service to you and yours?
Honestly, I don't know how you can provide better services. My step-father had an expression...If it ain't broke- Don't fix it!
-Pat Tachine


“Dr. Avis epitomizes what a dentist should be. When you arrive in his office you are immediately treated to the Avis Alternative, which means quality care on an individual basis. You will be the only patient treated at that time and you will be assisted by the whole staff who let you know that your service at this moment is paramount. The Dr. also is not only extremely skilled but also routinely updates and sharpens his skills by regularly attending seminars and classes to keep up his techniques and learn advancements in his field. I highly recommend Dr. Avis for all your dental and orthodontic needs.”

-Mario Gallucci


“I have been going to Dr. Avis and his team of professionals (Annette, Dawn) for over 15 years and have been cared for like a member of their personal family. Dr. Avis has done everything from restorative dentistry to preventative care with superior results. Because of his early choices of restoring my teeth with inlays and onlays, bite correction etc, I have not needed any additional work for over 10 years. I love going to Dr. Avis' clinic because they sincerely care about me and my well being. A sign of an excellent healthcare provider, is someone who continuously learns, applies the learned current best practices, and challenges him/herself with the current knowledge. Dr. Avis embodies this. From implant dentistry to orthodontics, he is a master in his field. Always kind and supportive, I am grateful I found such a great dentist for me and my family.

-Jennifer Ko

“I know Dr. Victor Avis to be a Dentist of Perfection!! He spends countless hours on his work. His "Passion & Desire" in the dental field are second to none!!
His office staff is always warm and caring with the patients and I believe this to be a reflection of what Victor calls "THE AVIS ALTERNATIVE"!!”

-Paul Raspa



“If only Victor Avis had been my dentist when I was a kid! Trips to the dentist would have been something to look forward to, not dread, and I would have grown up devoted to a healthy homecare routine, which would have prevented just about all the dental issues I have had to deal with as an adult. My own children enjoy their visits to Dr. Victor and have the healthy beautiful smiles to show for it. We're all very glad that Dr. Avis is our family's dentist.”

-Carole Kass




“In my opinion Dr. Avis is the best Dentist in NYC. He cares about his patients. He is constantly learning new things to provide his patients with the highest level of care. My whole family goes to Dr. Avis and we would not go anywhere else.”

-Anthony Vigilante

“I always believed the first impression is the most important impression.
This is the impression I have of Dr. Avis, he is innovative and a perfectionist with an extensive knowledge of dentistry. He truly cares for his patients and that level of care is seen throughout his staff.
He is not your typical dentist.”

-Neal Silverman




“People must think I'm crazy when I say how much I love going to the Dentist, but since I started going to Victor I really do love going to the Dentist. Everyone that works in his office is absolutely wonderful and makes you feel right at home. If you have an appointment at a certain time, you're in the chair ready to go at that time. No waiting ever. I brought my whole family to Victor and, since he stared with orthodontics, I'm bringing my son there for that. Honestly, I can't imagine that a better Dental Practice, or Dentist exists in this world. I consider myself very lucky to be a patient of his.”

-Kevin Zazzera




“I don’t like going to the dentist. Let’s be honest who does but I have got to say, I love this guy. Dr. Avis is so much more than just a dentist. His incredibly thorough approach leaves you feeling confident not only in his skills but also in his true concern for your wellbeing. His staff has obviously been carefully chosen as they perform their duty flawlessly. Dr. Victor Avis as changed my feeling about going to the dentist.” -Salvatore Vigilante



“The best dentist in New York.”

-Robert Fishler


I have been going to Dr. Avis for the past 8 years and have been extremely satisfied with the care I have received. Every time I enter the office, Dr. Avis and his staff are always upbeat and welcome me with a smile. I feel very comfortable being a patient of theirs, and trust them wholeheartedly. It is because of the relationships they build with their patients, that I feel so at ease when I am having work done.


            During a high school baseball game in 2004, I was hit in the mouth from a line drive that caused a severe chip on my front tooth. My dentist at the time attempted to bond that tooth on two different occasions, but each time the bonding fell off at night. A recommendation from a friend led to me to Dr. Avis, and immediately the procedure worked. He was able to adjust my jaw, to alleviate the pressure on that tooth.


            In the beginning of this year, I elected to have porcelain veneers put on my front two teeth. It was a procedure that I was quite worried about, but as usual, Dr. Avis assured me that it was the right move to be done at this time. The results were much better than I ever could have imagined, and I am thrilled with the outcome.

            I truly appreciate the atmosphere that transpires in the office. It is a very friendly, family-oriented environment that relieves any concerns I may have. It was a very difficult time for me when I chipped my tooth back in high school, but a positive that came out of the entire situation, is that it led me to Dr. Avis and his staff. Today, I have a great smile that looks like it never experienced the trauma that it did. That is all due to the excellent work that Dr. Avis and everyone in the office, performs.


-Thomas Murray



"Dr. Victor Avis is a third generation dentist here on Staten Island. He handles all aspects of dentistry, for your entire family, his kind and caring staff is second to none. Dr. Avis' comprehensive approach to his practice makes everyone feel comfortable, even if you are terrified of the dentist. This is the Dental practice to go to! He's the best at what he does!!"

-Debbie Young

Dr. Avis and his staff are more than a routine dental office. I feel that I'm somewhat of a masochist when I prepare myself for the drive to the "Avis" office, as I come all the way down from Sussex County, NJ, the far northwestern corner of the state. But by the time I get there I feel as if I'm visiting friends as all inhibitions fall away in the warmth and natural cohesiveness between boss and employees and ultimately, patient. As if that wasn't enough, his office is very up to date on dental and computer equipment. Before the end of my visits, I find myself learning something new in regard to dental care and hygiene. Thank you all, and keep up the great work!

-Heidi Rivera